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 My Profit Land

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PostSubject: My Profit Land   My Profit Land EmptyWed Apr 04, 2018 7:57 pm

Greetings all! Quick disclosure, I've posted this in the referral swap forum as well, but didn't figure that didn't mean I couldn't create a discussion about the game here for anyone who might be interested to discuss.

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a relatively new game (1-1.5 years old) called MyProfitland. I've been playing MPL the last 6 months and have found it quite enjoyable. It is definitely not an adventure game, but rather one of strategy and community. Seeing as how the game is relatively new, I want to bring more players into the game, yes you!

I really enjoy(possibly obsess over) MPL. The game really takes off once you get involved in your countries' wars, leadership, and or get a company up and off the ground. You can literally build an empire, by yourself or with others. Also, I've made a lot of friends in MPL. There are bad apples too, but many good people over here, from all over the globe!

MPL is a browser-based free to play market/war simulator that utilizes euros as in game currency. Players can earn by working for and or recruiting other players, running the government, operating companies, warring and or playing the currency/shares market. You can withdraw once you accrue 20 euros, that is, if you can resist leveraging your earnings into other investments(I cannot lol).

In MPL you may choose which country you wish to be a citizen of. You may move every month, and for a bit of scratch you can even open your own country! It's not all roses in MPL though, every country has it's own friends and alliances and we have seen some grudge match wars going on over the ownership of regions(produce extra resources) for months now.

While you can play MPL without investing, it is a slow grind. I am hopeful for players who are interested in investing towards building an empire. I want to build a community of like minded players who can help me and some friends develop Venezuela into one of the dominant game superpowers.

Will you join the fight?
If you do, please start in Venezuela, we would be quite happy to have you!
Those of us who are active players and leaders use discord. If you join MPL, join our discord server for the full community!

Please, if any of you have questions or something to discuss about the game, I would love to have a chat!

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My Profit Land
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