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 GoalTycoon - a new way to earmoney

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GoalTycoon - a new way to earmoney Empty
PostSubject: GoalTycoon - a new way to earmoney   GoalTycoon - a new way to earmoney EmptyFri Nov 29, 2019 3:35 am

GoalTycoon - A football manager game that converts all virtual currency to real money.

GoalTycoon is a managerial strategy game, It was developed base on a real life football, giving every single user the oppurtunity to profit from managing your own very football team. It's quite an addictive game, especially if you are sport minded, When there is a real money reward, it 's more exciting.

The game is very reputed and is paying its members on time from several years. All countries are accepted

The idea with goaltycoon is raising a predefined football team through ranks of leagues, acquiring the best facilities for your club park and improving the lot. As you go higher in the game you'll continue to rake in money which you can withdraw for physical cash.

A new player will receive a predefined team from the start, composed of 11 players and 9 reserves, as well as 2 trainers. You will get a football team and a club park which consists of a stadium, hotel, restaurant, Clinic Parking lot,Administrative building and Training field.

Each part of your Club Park come in Level 1 which can be upgraded to a maximum of Level 5, in any area of upgrade, it brings specific benefit to your football team.

You will also have a team of advisors that will help develop your club, giving information about the necessities of the club stadium and other things.
There are several ways to earn money on Goaltycoon which include:

Daily sponsor bonus

Match day ticket sales

Win bonus

The financial market

Buying and selling of shares

Affiliates system

It is free to Play but you can also invest real money and build your team faster and easier...

make cool cash from managing your very own football team, Invest in the future of your club and make consistent income...

The concept behind the game is huge and quite interesting, so i advice new users to read the game documentation at the footer page of the site.

Copy and paste the following Link to register -->
Then click on "Register Free" and fill in the data required. At the end of procedure remeber to confirm your account clicking on the link you've received in your mail account.

The above link contains a referral code, this is just to reward me for my efforts to bring the game to your notice, and by using the link, you have nothing to lose!
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GoalTycoon - a new way to earmoney
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