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 Lockerz invites

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PostSubject: Lockerz invites   Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:15 am

Lockerz is a site where you build up points or "ptz" in various ways such as by inviting friends, just logging in and answering the daily question etc. There'll be more ways to earn points in future apparently.

These ptz can be exchanged for various products and products are shipped worldwide, however there's only certain times throughout the year when you can use these ptz as products will have to be restocked.

So, if you guys are interested, please PM me your email address for an invite - even if it's something you won't really use, I just need to build up my ptz lol. The site is currently down at the moment due to upgrades but as soon as it's back up I will send the invites.
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Lockerz invites
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