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PostSubject: TRUSTED MONEY MAKING SITES   Tue May 17, 2016 1:49 pm


I am a member of quite a few survey sites, some are a lot better than others. Some pay you in vouchers and some pay cash via paypal or bank transfer.
Some pay you immediately and some can take a while (6 weeks or more!!)

I have made a list of the best sites that payout in cash.

This one is quite good, most surveys are for a £1.00 or more, (I only had to complete 3 surveys to get a payment)  
This one has a low payout threshold of £5.00!
Which should not take long to get to, as you get £2.00 when you sign up.

I like this one as the surveys are always very short (a minute or so!).
They have a TraitScore system, which is a point system which goes up when you complete surveys, it states on the website that you also get a higher TraitScore if you answer questions honestly.
When you get 9000 TraitScore points you earn more for each question you answer.
The payout in is dollers ($) and the threshold is $15.00.

This one is interesting, you can do surveys, play games, watch ads, sign up for newsletters, download apps and games to your phone or pc, buy things online. The list is endless!!
I like this site as it different to other survey sites, and i go here when i get fed up with normal survey sites, as some of the ads you watch are quite interesting as they are not the ads that you see on TV.
5000 Hulk coins = £5 Via paypal, Amazon vouchers, bit coins and facebook credits.
They do have a good online shop but most of the vouchers are for the USA!
But you can also save up for Jewelry, fashion accessories , gadgets and toys.
If you use the link below you will get 250 hulk coins to start you off, (and you will help me, I get 100)

A new survey site. I have been paid 2 times already so know they are legit and trustworthy.
Join via my link and I get 10p

I have been late to join this one. But earning money just for searching the internet, watching videos and signing up to newsletters via email.
I don't know why I didn't join sooner!!

This one is is quite like gifthulk, but seems to have more offers,  it also has some of the same offers as gifthulk so you need to check which one is offering more points, the point system is different to gifthulk but you get points for doing the same type of things like watching ads, signing up to newletters, playing games, downloading apps and completing surveys.
They have vouchers like xbox points, playstation network cards, amazon, world of warcraft, karma coins, payza and paysafe cards.
You can also get cash in dollars ($) as well as euros (€) via paypal. (but does not pay in (£) pounds)

This one has to be included as they have a very good 2 tier system for referals, where you earn when your friends sign up AND then when there friends sign up.
They say this can also be used for charity projects, such as school PTA's etc, I am not sure how this works but it is mentioned on their website. Click the link below to find out more.

This is a cashback site which earns you cashback on things you buy via the site  BUT it also has a lot of NO SPEND OFFERS, like signing up for newsletters, entering competitions, applying for credit cards, or taking free 30 day trials.
You can also complete surveys.
It also gives you 2p cashback to search the internet via highstreetweb (limted to 1 search per day)
I have made quite a bit of money through this site, BUT alway check other cashback sites you might be a member of first (topcashback, Quidco) as they may offer a better rate of cashback for the same deal.
You can also refer your friends and get £2.00 in cashback BUT this is only when your friends make £15.00 in cashback themselves.
You have to make £25 before you can get your payment.
Please use the link below (I will get £2.00 if you make £15.00)

This is a good cashback site which has lots of offers on, so always have a look before you buy something, they also have a few NO SPEND OFFERS, like signing up to websites and taking out free trials.
The best cashback is on things like phone contracts and big purchases like TV's etc.
You can also get money by joining there survey site Quidco opinions.
I have made about £40 just by doing the NO SPEND OFFERS, by getting car/health/life insurance quotes and signing up to a couple of sites and entering a competition.
You also get cashback for your online groceries shop.
Well worth it!!
Truly money for nothing!! (much)

This is one of the best cashback sites which often offers the best rate of cashback,
(although alway check because sometimes Quidco can be better.)
This site also has a lot of NO SPEND OFFERS, like insurance quotes, signing up to websites and completing surveys.
It also has DAILY EARNERS!! of flight comparisons which earn 2p per search (limted to 3 search per day)
Which could earn you £20.18 a year. (if you are dedicated and do 3 everyday!)
You can get £2.50 for a car insurance quote (limted to 3 per year)
You can order free sim cards from a variety of networks and get cashback just for ordering the card, some will give you extra cashback to activate the card and top up.
They have a lot of free 30 day trials (BUT remember to cancel before the trial is up OR they will debit your account)
I made close to £100 just by taking out the free trials (although rates have gone down a bit since i did them)
You also get cashback for your online groceries shop.
You can get £15 for referring a friend when they make £10 in cashback.
Your friend also gets 500 tesco clubcard points by joining via your link.
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