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  Cldmine: Make Money with a few clicks

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PostSubject: Cldmine: Make Money with a few clicks   Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:25 am


Cldmine is a site that allows you to earn Bitcoins, dogecoins, Litecoins,
dollars without doing anything:

-Click On the link below to register:

-Click On the link in the email you received to activate your account
-DĂ©posez Money or corners by left clicking
on "Deposit Portfolio and deposit verification"
-Choose Your currency right, a deposit of address displays
-Make Your deposit then click the red "Deposit effectué.Mettre update my accounts"
-Once Your account credited, left click on "convert power CLD"
-select Your wallet to buy CLOUD then click the "Exchange"
-The Cloud-saving money, most have CLOUD and the faster you earn to go
the faster you can reinvest your earnings or be either make deposits
-To Finish, left click on "Mining" in the middle choose the currency you want
undermine and click "start miner", you just have to watch your profits soar.
You win even your computer turned off.
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Cldmine: Make Money with a few clicks
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