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 GoldenTowns - In-game gold = real life money (for real)

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GoldenTowns Money

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PostSubject: GoldenTowns - In-game gold = real life money (for real)   Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:39 am

  The first thing I want to tell you is that this game is NOT A SCAM.I've been playing it for over a year,I've made over 1000 Euros from it,enough to buy a laptop(a good one).But I've lost about 6 months doing almost nothing,just hanging out in the game Mad ,so you can make money even faster with my help.
  The game is not requiring downloads or clicking on links and stuff like that,it's a flash game in which you develop your own city,you get resources(vegetables,meat,wood,iron,clay and stone),you use them to mine gold,which then can be traded for real life money.
  Also,you have many ways to do profit out of it.You can trade shares(town shares from other players,country shares,or even game shares) which you can buy with your gold,you can make lots of farms and sell the resources,you can win wars against another countries and get the war tax,you can occupy other cities,or you can simply mine the gold.
  There are many things to discover,but I'll let you see them in the game itself.
Here is the link: (Just press Signup and you'll be my referral)

I want to tell this to you before you enter:everyone has a referral,which gets 10% of what you product(if you don't use the link,it's the game admin,so you still pay the tax).So joining the game with my link will help both me,and you,since I will be able to give you tips,tricks and even resources to help you.
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GoldenTowns - In-game gold = real life money (for real)
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