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 Center Of Prizes. Minimum $0.01 instant paypal payouts. High paying offers

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PostSubject: Center Of Prizes. Minimum $0.01 instant paypal payouts. High paying offers   Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:51 am


Offers Payout- $0.30- ~$4 (Offer walls have even higher paying offers)
Minimum Paypal - $0.01 instant

So I've been using center of prizes for almost 2 months now and have cashed out over $200 plus various amounts in giftcards and other prizes/payouts. Most of the offers offered on the site are quite high paying with some of them ranging from 30 points typically to 100 points. 1 point -= .01$ although quite often sometimes some offers can be up to 300 points. there fairly easy to complete as well. there are also alot of other ways to get points, studys, email submits, trial offers, sign ups, you can earn tokens to play their wheel of fortune game and earn points that way as well. There is also a daily promotion 2 times a day where you get a 20% bonus on everything you earn. And they also hold contests monthly.

this months(december) contest is called XMAS and the reward for completing it is quite well. 1000 points! and some tokens for the sites WOF game Smile

each point=$.01


You can cashout in multiple ways. They offer INSTANT PAYPAL WITH A MINIMUM WITHDRAWL OF ONLY A PENNY(minimum payout is $.01, and can be done once daily)[the first payout wont be instant although it will be the same day, and the first payout may need verification], Instant google wallet payouts, Bitcoin, as well as you can redeem games and prizes. This is honestly one of the best offer sites ive used. You can easily make $10 today just by doing some of the studies and offers in under a few hours.
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Center Of Prizes. Minimum $0.01 instant paypal payouts. High paying offers
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