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 Points2Shop - Sign up and I'll sign up with your link

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PostSubject: Points2Shop - Sign up and I'll sign up with your link   Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:28 pm

First off, for 2 years and 10 months, I've been a part of this website called Points2Shop.

I haven't always done it regularly. for instance, I might have been on fire and done it for a few weeks, or months at a time, then let it rest for a few months or maybe even 6 months at one point.

But in total, I have earned about $197 of stuff that I redeemed through amazon [Mostly amazon gift cards mailed to my home].

You can complete surveys, you can install apps (iOS, android), play games (gamble with your earnings! might win or lose), watch videos, and tons more, to earn points. (1 point = 1 cent, $1 = 100 points)

Here's the thing, you are probably thinking "yeah, that's a sham, you're lying just to get me to sign up." I respect your caution. But let me tell you this:

If you sign up, you get 250 points. You can then (after completing registration with valid email & address) immediately order a DOLLAR BILL for free! (It costs 100 points, and you will then have 150 left from the original 250). Once you do this, you can no longer have a dollar mailed to you. They do this only so new members can see this is REAL!

I will be honest, this is the very reason I decided to join. Because they promised a real dollar mailed to me. I thought "Hey, at least I'll get a dollar free." And I did.

With that being said, here is my link:

points2shop DOT com?ref=uin1328175255

(sorry I'm new and it won't let me post the real link, just make " DOT " into "." )

USA members will earn me $0.50 if they sign up with valid information, and another $0.50 after completing your first offer. I really do appreciate every single person who signs up with my link. Happy earnings!


I just wanted to give you an introduction to my site, Points2Shop.. it really is the real deal.

Anyway, sign up with my link (with valid information! very important that you verify email or I get no $ for referring) and then reply here with your link and what username you used to complete my link (must NOT be Points2Shop or Swagbucks, I have those already) and then give me a day to complete it.

Afterwards, I ask that you edit your post saying that I completed your sign up (as long as I did), so that others will know I am legit and honest..

thanks so much guys!
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Points2Shop - Sign up and I'll sign up with your link
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