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 Treasure Trooper

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PostSubject: Treasure Trooper   Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:31 am

Make money completing surveys and offers. You wont get rich quick, but you can make between $40-$100+ per month.

Register now using the above link (Click Get Free Egg) and we'll give you a Dragon Egg Nest, one Dragon Egg, and a $5 bonus all for free! These items are used in one of the sites many games.

Here are my actual earnings:

Cash Offer Earnings:$917.65
Cash Survey Earnings:$476.10
Cash Task Earnings:$13.99
Cash Shopping Earnings:$18.55
Referral Earnings:$28.77

Amount Paid:$1401.66
Amount Due:$53.40

Im in the site chatroom and can offer assistance. Thank you.
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Treasure Trooper
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