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 Honestly, the best paying GPT site I experienced

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PostSubject: Honestly, the best paying GPT site I experienced   Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:23 pm

I could recommend you site which I discovered just few days ago, but it turned out to be pretty respectable and established website.

It is really easy to use, it has forums, and live chat so you can get all help you need in there.

Users are ranked by certain ranks, such as rookie, junior, senior... legend etc... and with every rank upwards you are earning bigger percentage for all of that, and with every bigger rank you get more perks.

Basically, 100 points is always around $1, and you could cash it through Paypal or check.

You can also cash it out through about 20 possible gift cards, such as Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, Dell and about 10 more.

Also you can cash money for various itunes cards, some xbox360 year cards and something with World of Warcraft...


Also this site holds numerous awards, and you are automatically contestant once you do a special offer on that day, and also people who earn most through week get extra rewarded.

If you are from country which has more offers, you can really earn decent amount there, and you can bring referrals and you can surely make at least $1 per day there. I am earning around $3 per day from filling offers, and if you are also from some country with big offers, then you can do even better, with basically 1 hour of doing the work. It pays MUCH better than Clixsense, which shaves a lot more its users.
If you want, you can sign under my ref, thanks -
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Honestly, the best paying GPT site I experienced
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