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PostSubject: - get paid to do site   Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:56 am


Vote4gifts is a new get paid to do site. By completing offers (trials, sign-up, survey, download free stuff) you obtain a number of votes - majority values 50-100 votes/offer.
After reaching 1000 votes you can exchange them into cash (1000 votes=10$) or get gift cards using them, facebook credits and also real objects (sent to you via postal).
For each person that registers under you and completes at least 1 offer you receive 2 votes, you cand have unlimited refs.

Also we have a weekly contest, the person with the most number of refferals (that completed at least 3 offers) receive 1000 votes, each sunday.

The first payout is at 1000 votes (10$ through PayPal), after that you can get anything from our Voucher section anytime and with any amount of votes.

All you need to do is, register, after that login again into the site, go to your Member Area and click the yellow botton to start earning votes. A gateway will appear from our sponsors, you need to follow the instructions of each offer, complete it, after that you will receive instantanously you votes.
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